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My name is Alex Kondratiev. I work as an assistant professor on math department in the State University of Moscow. I`m glad to welcome you on our site, devoted to the studying such technical subjects as math and physics.

I give lessons for more than 20 years. I have noticed that the Internet lacks accessible and well-represented material on math, physics and other technical subjects. That`s why I created my own site. In a course of time my colleagues joined me in creating site content. Now more than 10 professors work on theory, online calculators and task solution examples for this site.

Over the last years the site turned out to be a platform not only for British students, that`s why we started translate it into other languages. Currently we have English and Russian major versions of site. But it`s just the beginning, in the nearest time we are planning to translate the site into some more european languages!

Our site is constantly completed with new materials and we`ll be glad to accept any comments of you!